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The Kid Who Would Be King: Premiere and Photocall

On February 3, Rebecca attended the premiere of “The Kid Who Would Be King” in London, England.

In this new film inspired by the legend of King Arthur but set in the modern world, she plays the evil sorceress Morgana le Fay, and to achieve her on-screen look she had to be on set by 4am.

“The makeup designer and special effects took four hours each morning so my wake up time was 3:30, in the chair for 04:00 and then it was four hours until I was on set. That was because everything was handmade and hand glued intricately – really beautiful work.”

Also, on February 5, along with her castmates, she attended a special photocall for the film, also made in London.

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» Appearances & Events > 2019 > Feb 05 | “The Kid Who Would Be King” Photocall

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